HAPPY 40TH Anniversary to Tank and his wife MJ.

We have a new national sponsor, let’s give a warm welcome to our official naming rights sponsor this year, State Farm Insurance. “Like a good neighbor State Farm is there”. We are so glad that they are there for the All-Stars this year. Our Tour in our 29th Season will be called the State Farm “Red, White, and Blue” Tour featuring the U.S. Military All-Stars.

The All*Stars are proud to be working with top Commands in Recruiting, for all Branches across the country. Our “Red, White & Blue Tour” covers over 22 states over the next few years and can make hundreds of recruits real happy to be sworn in during the All*Stars special Pre-Game Ceremonies, in front of thousands of cheering fans.

With as many top players in the service swinging with the All*Stars this season, we want to thank all of the Scouts coming from around the Country to see these, “Heroes of the Diamond”. It makes many proud that these young men who put their own Baseball careers on the back burner to put Duty and service to Country first. Here’s to all of you that your Dreams of playing with the Pros may still come true! God bless your sacrifices & bless your Dreams!

Coach and GM reaching out to Discharged Marine at Columbia University in NY who’s breaking records in HR and RBI’s for a couple of years. Joey Falcone, you should check out his you tube video. The All*Stars are on the hunt, who wants to assist the All*Stars in getting the word out to one of the next “Heroes of the Diamond”?

NEW GAME ADDED with newly formed team in the Prospect Collegiate League, The Pistol Shrimp. These additions are giving the All*Stars a chance to play against two newly formed teams in the Prospect League. The Cornbelters and the Pistol Shrimp. 

From June 18, 2019 through July 10, 2019 the U.S. Military All-Stars will be staying at the University of Portland Dorms. They are available when the students are on break. GREAT TIMING for us while staying in the same area due to Tournaments and many local games.

So many behind the scenes accomplishments from our administrative department have already been made for this season. We are proud to announce our new coaching staff for our 29th Annual “Red, White & Blue Tour”.

Our 2019 team is:

General Manager – Billy Hayes From Showtime Baseball PNW Army
Head Coach – Thomas Eaton From NC
Asst. Coach – Andy Storm From CO. Air Force
Special Training Assistance from MLB Players during our first week include;

Randy Myers – 1985 thru 1998, Left handed pitcher to assist our Pitching players.
Tom Michael Lampkin – 1988- 2002, Catcher to teach our catchers from several Branches this year.
Brian Lee Hunter – Former Center Fielder known for his 1997, streak of 70 Bases stolen!
Scouts will be at multiple events this season starting with; Our training week. Shawn Whalen, Scout for the Milwaukee Brewers checking talent levels out of our own, Heroes of the Diamond.


What Dreams Are Made Of…June 3, 2016
Trevor Baldwin is playing for Military All-Star team
USMA Tank Stone Interview on The Mark Moses Show
FAL Grad Returns To Area With U.S. Military All-Stars
U.S. Military All-Stars to take the field in Kannapolis to benefit Wounded Warriors

Local AUSA chapter supports soldier named to U.S. Military All-Stars Baseball Team

USMA Partners with New Sponsor, launching their product line in Feb. 2016.
USMA Pitcher Marshall Rogne (Purple Heart Recipient) Returns for 2016 Season along with many more from our 2009-2015 seasons.
USMA Establishes the Second Junior Military All Stars Team, Nashville, TN run by MLB Alumni Jerry Bell; Milwaukee Brewers Pitcher
USMA Attends the ABCA Coaches Convention, Nashville, TN
USMA has Full Staff of Volunteers- GM’s, Coaches, Honor Squad Leader & all are on the road for the entire Tour.
USMA has many new interns from Nashville Colleges, Sports Administration Dept.
assisting with Social Media and putting Fans in the Seats of Scheduled Games.





  • Previous Coach and GM receives Bo Jackson Courage Award at the 69th Annual Pitch & Hit Club Banquet in Chicago, Illinois
  • US Military All Stars hires new local website designer to redesign their .com website


  • Team relocates from Southern California to Middle Tennessee
  • Intern and videographer makes High School Assistant Principal Position
  • 23rd Annual Red White & Blue Tour starts in North Carolina, to New England, New York through the Midwest, Colorado ending the tour in Nashville,
  • Military All-Stars reign as military service champions
  • Historic tour follows tropical storm up East Coast


  • Traveled 16 states over 8,500miles for a successful 22nd Anniversary Red, White & Blue Tour
  • Military player picked up by the Baltimore Orioles
  • Last annual return to Ground Zero Tour
  • Visited Iowa’s Field of Dreams and produced a video for one of our sponsors where our men coming out of the corn
  • Intern Lands General Managers Position in West Virgina Baseball
  • Team visits Hormel Factory in the Midwest… Spam Anyone? LOL!

2007 – 2011

Due to data loss, we have no historical information accept for photos and videos


  • In less than two decades the U.S. Military All-Stars have established a network of over 30 organized military baseball teams worldwide. Over 20,000 personnel have participated in the program
  • Featured at 72nd National Baseball Congress World Series opening day game
  • U.S. Military All-Stars begin Spring Training against Mexican League and compete in 5-game series against the Golden Baseball Professional Baseball League posting a 3-2 record and 37-17 overall with over 75 games played.
  • Military All-Stars reign as military service champions
  • Over 12.5 million exposed to the U.S. Military All-Stars through media and events


  • U.S. Military All-Stars are featured in February issue of ALL-HANDS Magazine.
  • Granted Congressional approval to coordinate first-ever “Red, White and Blue Tour of New England” Team members from all services including the U.S. Coast Guard compete against the most talented players in the nation in the NCAA sanctioned Cape Cod and New England Collegiate Baseball Leagues.
  • 7 players on the 2005 roster joined the military for a chance to compete as a U.S. Military All-Star.
  • Over 90 percent of the 2005 and 2006 rosters served one or more tours in Iraq.
  • Program advancement rate is over 85 percent.
  • Program Retention Rate over 95 percent
  • U.S. Military All-Stars invited to play against TEAM USA, TEAM ITALY, TEAM RUSSIA and Chinese Taipei. All-Stars coordinate first-ever Tri-Team Game (Navy, Marines, Air Force) in memory of Harvey Simmons, LEAP FROGS appear.
  • U.S. Military All-Stars post 34-6 record and win southern division of Western Baseball League earning a berth to 71st Annual National Baseball Congress World Series. Unable to attend due to lack of financial resources and deployments to Iraq
  • U.S. Marine Corps team at Camp Pendleton loses funding and senior leadership due to retirement of GM/Transfer of head coach. U.S. Military All-Stars provide assistance to help select new leadership and offer opportunity for Marine team to fall under joint Military All-Stars program. Marine Program continues as one of 32 teams worldwide.
  • U.S. Military All-Stars nominated by TEAM USA to play in their place at international tournament in Taiwan
  • Over 5 million exposed to the U.S. Military All-Stars through media and events
  • Military All-Stars reign as military service champions


  • Former CNRSW employee and All-Stars general manager Harvey Simmons passes away.
  • 15th Annual Navy-Marine All-Star Game moves to PETCO Park. 1st Annual Navy-Air Force All-Star Game held at Camden Yards.
  • U.S. Military All-Stars invited to play at over 350 locations annually including 10 Major and Minor League facilities. Continues operations as the only “joint” military baseball program in the world


  • Program Founder recognized as 2003 HeroVet, Captain Harry T. Jenkins Memorial Leadership Award and Navy Image Finalist
  • Military All-Stars Armed Forces Championship hosted by SD Padres. All-Stars host and beat the U.S. Naval Academy baseball program during spring training. Adopt new mission statement.
  • Military All-Stars reign as military service champions


  • U.S. Military All-Stars featured on episode of CBS’ “JAG”
  • Military All-Stars reign as military service champions


  • U.S. Military All-Stars female player, YN3 Michele Ballard is featured on cover of Baseball Weekly with Sammy Sosa and in numerous national media outlets
  • 2001 – U.S. Military All-Stars host U.S. Naval Academy Preparatory School baseball team, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Army, and U.S. Navy in Armed Forces World Championship Series.


  • U.S. Military All-Stars compete against Colorado Silver Bullets on National TV (4) times. U.S. Military All-Stars invited to travel and play Silver Bullets on 45-city tour (All-Stars Decline due to lack of funding)


  • U.S. Military All-Stars Appear in “Stay Navy” Recruiting Campaign commercials created by Spike Lee, Denny’s commercial with Tony Gwynn, David Letterman Show, Wheel of Fortune, Price is Right, ESPN, CNN, FOX, Navy Marine Corps News This Week, Sports Illustrated, USA Today, Navy Times, Baseball Weekly, Stars & Stripes
  • Original “Navy vs. Marine Corps Baseball Challenge” event name changed to NAVY-MARINE ALL-STAR GAME


  • 1st of ten (10) Navy vs. Marine All-Star games held in conjunction with San Diego Padres contest. CNRSW ADM and senior USMC General throw out ceremonial first pitches.
  • U.S. Military All-Stars schedule additional appearances with former Major League Players Association and SD Padres players on bases and in military housing areas. Create “Touch all the bases” and “Race for the Pennant” programs
  • Partner with CNBSD MWR via Sports Program Manager (Harvey Simmons) to raise more than $2M over the next 4 years to benefit Navy and Marine Corps Relief and veterans charities.
  • Military All-Stars reign as military service champions.
  • Program founder assists other services to establish over 30 military teams worldwide


  • U.S. Military All-Stars web site created.
  • U.S. Military All-Stars invited to play Cuba.
  • Numerous military players sign professional contracts or commit to college scholarships.
  • Over 100 personnel enlist in the military after working through a recruiter to spend time with the U.S. Military All-Stars.
  • Numerous players return to the team after completing college and NROTC training.
  • Program Founder annually briefs Admirals at COMNAVAIRPAC, COMNAVBASESD and CNRSW about the program
  • Military All-Stars invited to National Baseball Congress World Series in Wichita KS and tournaments in Mexico, Canada, Alaska, Guam, Japan, Germany, Italy and Russia
  • Invited to discuss possible signing of military players by the Los Angeles Dodgers, San Diego Padres and other major league organizations


  • U.S. Military All-Stars established in San Diego.
  • Program Founder also establishes U.S. Navy and USMC teams
  • U.S. Military All-Stars recognized by CNBSD MWR Program Director Capt. Jack Brackx, USN (Ret.)
  • U.S. Military All-Stars establish San Diego Military Baseball League (25 teams).
  • Practices and games held at Point Loma Nazarene University per arrangement with Dr. Carroll Land, Athletic Director
  • First Navy vs. Marine Corps Baseball Challenge held at Point Loma Nazarene University, LEAP FROGS, COMNAVAIRPAC, Mayor of SD attend
  • U.S. Military All-Stars schedule and coordinate over 150 appearances annually in support of the Navy Partnership in Education Program, Navy Recruiting, youth and charity organizations
  • Military All-Stars reign as military service champions


  • Program founder requests that no funding be provided by CNRSW/MWR during time of war.
  • Military All-Stars reign as military service champions


  • At the request of President George Bush I at the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, FL.
  • Captain Van Goodloe appoints ENS Allvord to re-establish military baseball program to boost morale.
  • First Navy vs. Marine Corps Baseball Challenge held in Pensacola, FL. Broadcast Live on WCOA Radio and NBC TV Naval Aviation Choir, 2 Congressmen, 1 ADM, 1 General, 1 Mayor attend
  • U.S. Military All-Stars formed during defense drawdown and reduction in force measures.
  • Program Founder, ENS Allvord establishes Southwestern Military Baseball League (10 Teams)
  • Military All-Stars reign as military service champions


  • Official support waned during Korean and Vietnam Conflicts


  • Armed Forces team established to boost morale during WWII


  • Military Baseball established by Union/Confederate Soldiers during the Civil War