scottdavis_Web_full“I first began my pursuit of athletics with the philosophy of proving myself. I was not interested in a particular position on the field of play. I simply wanted a position on the field. My attitude was, if I can get on the field, I can prove myself. I have always enjoyed the test, and it has served me well over the years”.

Mr. Davis obtained his undergraduate degree at Northeast La. University (82-88), now (ULM), in Monroe, La. Following his time at NLU, he joined the US Army National Guard, and was on active duty at Fort Polk, La., as a Heavy Wheel Mechanic, during Desert Storm. Over the past 20 years, Mr. Davis successfully led a number of athletic programs to financial and athletic success. Serving as a Head Coach and Athletic Director, Mr. Davis put winning teams into State Championships, and built a number of programs to financial success through the business of sports.

Mr. Davis continued his education, and completed his MBA in Sport Business (11 – 12) from Saint Leo University, St. Leo, Florida. Following the completion of his MBA, he worked as Assistant General Manager for the US Military All Stars. On the 12 Tour he logged 97 working hours per week, handled all logistics, managed merchandise sales, visited 18 states and promoted 47 events, logging 6,924 miles. Mr. Davis is proud to be back on tour with the U.S. Military All Stars.

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