Jhanior Taverez

Born and raised in Dominican Republic. Never got drafted by an organized professional baseball club, but trained to professional standards in the so called “professional baseball development program” (english translation) in Dominican Republic since the age of 15 where he gained 95 percent of his overall baseball knowledge.

He moved to United States in 2010. He continue to train with the objective of getting offered an athlete scholarship from Post University, Waterbury, CT. Intent failed because of english language barriers at the time.

Summer 2010, he participated in a tryout in Torrington, CT and got selected by the Torrington Rebels (tristate baseball club) where he played as the lead shortstop for a season.

He also played with the Nashville blue jays (NABA) in 2012, Nashville TN and he is currently playing with the Fayetteville Marlins (NABA) in Fayetteville, NC.

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