Aaron Savelli

aaronsavelliIntroduced to the sport of baseball at a very early age (4). My father always took time out of his personal life to ensure I enjoyed doing what I love in the backyard with my friends. As I grew into a young man, early teenage years, I played travel ball in the state of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. I was a SS as a freshman on the Junior Varsity baseball team, earned the right to suit up as a freshman on the Varsity squad that same year as the youngest player on the team. Sophomore through my senior year, I played IF/OF wherever the coach needed me to help my team. I was part of the District 11 Championship baseball team in High school in 2012 as the leadoff hitter. I hit .360 from freshman to senior. I committed the fewest errors on the team. I won a couple awards (coaches award, team MVP, fielding champ).


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