Hello to everyone, it’s Tank Stone. We are ready for our 29th Tour & letters are going out to players by mid November. As soon as you receive, it is time to update me immediately. Let’s talk soon! Any new players, still fill out players pkg , but to ensure none of you who inquired over the last year are missed, Let’s talk soon!

I want to thank all that reached out this past year by phone or email, I am doing fine. Anyway, how many Tanks do you know that have Titanium in them? Easy to say now, LOL!

I am very proud to introduce our new partner & may I say, what a schedule we are looking at in 2019. We are finalizing our event schedule for our 29th Annual Red, White & Blue Tour, this year on the West Coast.  We are relocating our Brand to the West Coast & will stop by our new partners area. This is great timing for showing off our Courageous, Talented & Honorable 2019 team, our own ” Heroes of the Diamond”.

Here is a letter from the head of Showtime Baseball Pacific North West, Billy Hayes.

Showtime Baseball, Pacific North West is proud and Honored to partner with the US Military All*Stars, The original Barnstorming Active Duty Military, Veteran & First Responder Baseball team for their 29th Annual “Red, White & Blue Tour on the West Coast. Joint Armed Forces camaraderie at it’s best. 

From the Ball-Field to the Battle-field, then back to the Ball-field. This shows our Heroes passion for the sport, but which NEVER gets in the way of Duty for their Country. Baseball is still here for these Heroes of the Diamond & the All*Stars now can offer these Heroes more of a baseball future. 

” It’s Showtime”!  Showtime baseball, Pacific North West. We understand that passion. We also know why the All*Stars have a phrase, ” It’s more than just Baseball”.  

When the All*Stars visit small or large communities across the country. The focus is to assist each community to Honor their own Veterans in their own community. The All*Stars go at the request of these Communities, all along while working with the veteran business, Veteran nursing homes and Hospitals. The oldest living Veteran in that area is Honored at each event. Adding America’s favorite pass time, Baseball and you have fun for all. We are excited about this announcement. Thank you,  Showtime Baseball.

Have you seen “The Sport Post” Yet?

Our Veterans NEED YOUR HELP!
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The U.S. Military All*Stars ARE NOT
funded by the U.S. Military!

We are a 501C3, non-Profit.
All of your Donations go directly to
our teams expenses and the Transportation/Fuel Bill,
to allow us to continue our Summer Tours
across the Country for the “Red White & Blue Tour”


During a visit to the Naval Aviation Museum, President George H.W. Bush discussed the positive impact baseball had on morale during WWII.  His comments initiated the development of military baseball in the modern era.  Over two decades later, we are the only team in history to wear camouflage uniforms with historical references representing all branches of the military and first responders.

Since 1990, Thousands of Armed Forces personnel have represented their service while paying their own expenses with a philosophy of HUSTLE, THINK, WIN! As the ORIGINAL largest, fastest growing and most successful military barnstorming team ever created we deliver competitive, exciting “must see” patriotic entertainment enjoyed by millions, visiting 45 states and 12 countries.

Established to compete in 35-60 games annually at all levels while providing direct support to individual Wounded Warriors, State Department, Department of Defense and Recruiting while conducting over 30-60 appearances. Featuring International Friendship Tours on behalf of Military Installations and Command Visits to benefit Veterans and youth charities.

The Historic “Red, White & Blue Tour” delivers unique patriotic events designed to honor America.  We conduct a choreographed pre-game that includes “Passing the Flag” and “Walk of Honor” ceremonies to celebrate American History in defense of our freedom.

To promote the awareness of all American’s in support of the honorable sacrifices our armed forces make at the “tip of the spear”. The prominent yellow ribbon in the shape of an “S” located “front and center” in our distinctive “USA” logo symbolizes “Support” for our Troops and Veterans.

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